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Its Saturday Night - What are all my friends doing?

Project Lead: Anmol Madan

Today's mobile phones are essentially off-the-shelf, mass-market wearable computers. In this project, we are working on mobile social software that uses location, proximity and tone of voice to create a sophisticated understanding of people's social lives, by mining their face-to-face and phone interactions. We have prototyped several applications of our system automatic characterization of social and workplace interactions, a courtesy reminder for phone conversations, and a personal trainer for dating encounters.

The MoodTrainer application has been used to mine day-today social interactions (friends, peers), interactions at the workplace and tourist experiences in the Scottish Highlands.

Download Source Code
Click here to download the source code for the MoodTrainer application designed to run on Motorola's Linux phones. This Qt application relies on underlying code to capture location, proximity and speech data, and we can only distribute those to you if you have an NDA arrangement with Motorola. Refer to the included README file for more information.